Afternoon People and Nappers

Have you thought that perhaps you don't quite fit in among the morning people or night owls? Help is at hand! Boffins in Belgium have proposed two more categories; the "afternoon" person and the "napper."

The study, that took part in Belgium via an online survey to 1,300 people asked participants about their sleep habits and tiredness levels throughout the day. They found that about half of people fit into the well-known ‘Morning Lark’ and ‘Night Owl’ categories, but the rest fell into the ‘Afternoon Person’ and ‘Nappers’ groups.

"Afternoon people" wake up the sleepiest and then they become alert around 11am, staying that way until about 5pm, after which they get tired again.

The "nappers" (so-called because they're prone to taking naps) wake up alert and stay alert until about 11am, after which they get really tired until about 3pm. After 3pm until about 10pm, they are alert and productive again.

It is beneficial to recognise that these categories exist as maybe if the nappers, for example, took a quick snooze during the day, their performance would increase!.(Note. Just check with the boss before doing this!)

It also helps knowing which category you fit into so that you can plan your day around your most productive times. So, if you are a ‘napper’, don’t feel bad about taking that little snooze, it’s probably what your body needs.