Bath time before bedtime! It’s all about the science.

Are you getting enough sleep?

The majority of us need at least seven to eight hours – and good quality zzzz’s at that!

The signs are clear enough when we don’t - we’ve all felt fatigue, forgetfulness, poor concentration and become easily irritable at some point just after one poor night. And then you crave junk food and an increased intake of caffeine!

A longer term trend of sleep deprivation can impact on your mental health leading to anxiety and depression. As well as impact on your immune system leading to an increased risk of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

So, what do we need to do?

Try and catch up on sleep deficit. Easier said than done. For starters - try to catch up at weekends – allow your body to wake up without the help of an alarm clock.

Don’t rely on caffeine - some studies suggest avoiding up to six hours before bedtime - or even alcohol (especially at weekends) and turn off that phone!!!