Are you getting too much sleep?

Sleep - Are you Getting Too Much?

While we often worry about the effects of getting too little sleep, it is possible that sleeping for too long can also harm your health!

Boffins suggest that sleeping for over 10 hours can be bad for you in the following ways:

  1. Sleeping more than 10 hours can disrupt your sleep-wake cycle which in turn effects our hormone levels. This is a problem as our hormones control our energy levels so you may find yourself feeling mentally and physically exhausted. This can lead to lack of concentration and poor performance, impaired memory and poor judgement.

  2. If we sleep too much our happiness can also be affected as the hormone serotonin is altered, this can in turn contribute to feelings of depression and low mood.

  3. Aches, pains and headaches can also be down to over-sleeping. Movement and circulation are key to healing aches and pains, so remaining still for long periods of time are likely to make you feel stiff and uncomfortable. You may also experience headaches from sleeping past your usual breakfast time, this is because you are dehydrated, have low blood sugar levels or are feeling the effects of no caffeine.

  4. Too much sleep can also affect your waistline. Those who oversleep are 21% more likely to be obese. This is due to the exhaustion you feel limiting your capacity to be active.

So what can you do to stop over-sleeping?

Create a relaxing and calming environment before bedtime and avoid blue light from electronic devices in the evenings. During the day make sure you eat light meals, get fresh air and do some exercise.