Are You Still Using an Alarm?

A recent study has shown that we are changing our sleep habits as a result of the Coronavirus lockdown.


Research by boffins has found that one in three people say that they no longer need to set an alarm to wake up in the morning. The study found that for people working from home, the average wake up time had shifted by 48 minutes from 6.18am to 7.06am. 

This later wake up time is much closer to the natural genetic wake up time of 7.55am and researchers say this could have a positive effect on our mood and brain function. It also means we get an extra 48 minutes of sleep, which is never a bad thing!

Sleep boffins say that waking up naturally (rather than being rudely awoken by an alarm!) increases our chances of waking up during REM sleep - which is the optimal state to transition from being asleep to being awake. 

 With more people now working from home, we have the chance to construct our days around our natural rhythm. This natural rhythm includes going to bed when we are sleepy and waking naturally without an alarm. So, as well as saving time and money by not travelling to work you are also benefiting from extra shut eye and natural wake up times. Yay!