Could it be hayfever? Sleep tips for sufferers.

Often hayfever sufferers struggle to get to sleep due to the high pollen counts in the evening (or in the morning when you make wake early due to symptoms).

Research by boffins suggest some of the following may help

Wash your sheets - consider washing your sheets once a week to keep sheets free of pollen, as well as dust and other particles that might make symptoms worse. Ideally wash at 60C.

Anti-allergy bedding - many retailers now offer bedding options that protect against dust, look for the Allergy UK seal of approval on bedding if you suffer during pollen season.

Shower at night – this will wash off any stray pollen from your skin & hair and so can help remove allergens before you settle down to sleep.

Keep an eye on your symptoms - keep a log of your symptoms in order for you to be able to manage them accordingly. Picking up trends in your symptoms may help you control your allergies.

Kick the pets out - dog & cat fur can be a magnet for pollen, dust and other allergens, meaning you’ll be the one to suffer when they climb into your bed late at night.

And for those who really do suffer do take your antihistamines at the right time. if symptoms are worse at night, it’s best to take them early evening!