Does the colour of your bedroom keep you awake?

Apparently so! Boffins have discovered that the colour of your room can affect the amount of sleep you may get – with blue being the best colour for a fabulous night’s sleep.

Boffins believe that receptors in the retina called ganglion cells are the most sensitive to blue. These cells relay information back to part of the brain that controls our mood. The brain associates blue with feelings of calm, which in turn relays information back to the body to reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

Before anyone points out that we close our eyes to sleep - this all happens in the time spent in our bedroom before the lights are switched off!!

Of course, if blue is the champion bedroom colour then conversely boffins suggest avoid stimulating bright reds and purples. Along with grey (which is very much the en trend colour of choice) which is associated with sadness and dreariness!!!