Getting into the habit....

Have you ever wondered what your sleep habits say about you, and how they affect your performance at home and in the workplace?

Well…sleep boffins have identified five different sleep habits and how they can affect you:

You struggle to sleep

Are you doing things that could be sabotaging your sleep such as watching TV in bed, napping late in the day, having caffeine in the afternoon or spending evenings looking at your mobile phone? Just stop - it’s not helping!

You wake in the middle of the night

If you regularly wake up in the middle of the night, stress may be the problem. The effects of feeling anxious or stressed can carry on way past the point when you doze off, due to the production of cortisol which keeps us awake. Easier said than done, but take yourself out of the zone and relax.

You power through on just a couple hours sleep

While many people feel smug about how little sleep they need, the concept of 'powering through' is largely misgiven. Sleep deprivation impairs the frontal lobe, responsible for decision making, judgement and mental productivity. Even if you think you're 'powering through, you are likely to be slower as a result of too little sleep.

You wake up feeling foggy regardless of how much sleep you get

'Brain fog’ can be attributed to a number of factors including sleep deprivation and dehydration. Studies show that just a two per cent drop in hydration levels will impair mental clarity. Boffins point out that mental clarity comes when your brain enters slow wave sleep and detoxifies from beta amyloid, which causes memory loss and confusion. Try and keep hydrated during the day – drink plenty of water.

You wake up feeling rested

If you're one of the lucky people who wakes up most mornings feeling well-rested and as if you've had adequate sleep, brilliant, keep up your current routine as it is obviously working well for you.