How Important is Sleep?

Sleep is vital for a healthy mind and body, below we have listed 8 ways that the body heals and protects itself during sleep:

  1. Protects the Heart – Lack of sleep causes an overproduction of adrenaline, which in turn means that the heart has to work harder to keep the body alert. This extra pumping of blood can cause heart attacks, strokes & high cholesterol.
  2. Keeps Bones Strong – sleep helps to strengthen and protect our bones, as well as tendons, ligaments and cartilage. The spine is crucial and enjoys some significant stress relief whilst we are lying down to sleep.
  3. Preserves Skin – sleeping well keeps skin healthy, youthful and vibrant. Lack of sleep produces extra cortisol which causes inflammation and contributes to the breakdown of skin collagen.
  4. Regulates Hormones – when we sleep, the body increases its production of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin. It also releases other hormones including oxytocin and ADH (which prevents the need to wee during the night).
  5. Healthy Weight & Metabolism – sleep deprivation increases hunger which in turn can cause weight gain. It can also lead to insulin resistance which can increase the risk of diabetes.
  6. Eye Health – lack of sleep leads to poor eye health, including blurred vision, dry and red eyes and light sensitivity.
  7. Renews and Repairs Brain Cells – sleep allows the brain to rest, repair and grow new cells. Each night the brain removes toxins that are built up during waking hours to allow the brain to function normally the next day.
  8. Stabilises Mood and Emotions - Sleeping well stabilises mood and neutralises damaging negative emotions before they spill over into the next day.

Who knew that so much was happening while we slept!