How Working from Home Can Affect Your Sleep?

There is now a large proportion of people who now find themselves adjusting to a new normal of working at home alone.

Working from home can have many benefits including increasing productivity. For example; night owls may find starting work slightly later in the day and finishing later is something that would benefit them, whereas morning larks may prefer to start earlier and finish earlier. By working from home and not having to worry about travel many people can adjust their working days to suit them better.

However, we need to be aware that working from home can disrupt our sleep in other ways. Follow our tips below to protect your work/sleep lifestyle:

Keep to a daily routine – it is tempting when working from home to hit snooze on the alarm and have an extra lie in. Don’t be tempted to do this as it will disrupt your body clock. Make sure you get up and start your working day at your normal time.

Take regular breaks, stretch your legs and try to get some natural light throughout the working day. By working at home, you have less distractions and it’s easy to get bogged down and forget about the importance of breaks.

Don’t check emails before bed – many of us are tempted to check our work emails before bedtime or find ourselves being ‘available’ at all times. Checking on work matters before bedtime can cause us to feel stressed or overwhelmed and make it difficult to fall asleep.

Don’t be tempted to work from your bed! Beds should not be used to work in, however tempting it may seem. It is no good for your posture or productivity.

Stay hydrated – Without work colleagues doing ‘tea/coffee rounds’ you may find that you aren’t drinking so much throughout the working day. Keep a bottle of water to hand at all times and avoid fuelling up on caffeine in the afternoon when you hit the post lunch dip. Caffeine in the late afternoon can affect your ability to fall asleep.

Working from home can affect your mental health, which in turn can affect your sleep. Many people will miss the office banter and feel quite isolated at home. Stay connected by telephone or video where you can both see and speak with your colleagues.

Remember when you don’t sleep well, your work performance is affected.