Is the Lockdown making you tired?

Our diaries once full are now empty and we have more time to sleep and nap than ever before…so why is this period of isolation making us feel tired yet unable to sleep properly?

Boffins have come up with a number of theories.

  1. Less time spent doing stuff especially physically will slow down our metabolism and make us feel sluggish.
  2. We are facing unprecedented worries about finances, loved ones which naturally lead to a heightened state of anxiety. This can affect our sleep and energy levels, meaning we feel tired and groggy.
  3. Research shows that a lack of human contact and isolation can lead to a spiral of depression which in turn affects sleep and mood.
  4. Loss of routine can affect our mental state with a subsequent frustration, guilt and a sense of loss of control.

But boffins have suggested by practising good self care and focusing on our mental well-being we can reduce the impact on our sleep and energy levels. Some things to focus on include:

  1. Exercise every day and keep as active as you can. Breathing exercises will be useful too.
  2. Reduce the use of electronic devices in the run up to bedtime.
  3. Avoid over exposure to the news, keep updated just once a day.
  4. Keep your mind occupied, play games, paint, do crafts, jigsaws, puzzle books…
  5. Keep in touch with family and friends everyday.
  6. Plan your day and develop a new routine. Set yourself tasks or goals to achieve.
  7. Eat healthy and regularly and avoid too much alcohol, especially close to bedtime.

Stay safe…brighter days (and better sleep!) are around the corner.