Keeping Warm in Bed


As the temperature drops and nights are becoming cooler, here are some tips to help you stay warm in bed and get a good night’s sleep:

Wear bed socks – these will help improve circulation in your extremities which can help you fall asleep more quickly

Have a warm bath – this will warm you up before going to bed and help to make you sleepy

Wear pyjamas – choose wool, cotton or silk pjs which will keep you warmer than synthetic materials

Get a hot water bottle – an old-fashioned way to keep warm but still very effective

Have a warm milky drink – avoid tea/coffee due to the caffeine

Take some exercise – though not too close to bedtime. This will help get your circulation going and keep your body warm

Snuggle up – if sleeping with a partner, snuggle up to share body warmth and keep cosy

Change your duvet – choose a duvet with a higher tog rating or use several layers of bedding to trap warm air

Get an electric blanket – this will help take the chill off when you get into bed. Pre heat for about 15 minutes before you go to bed