Love before bedtime

Love before bedtime

If you’re having trouble sleeping, boffins have discovered that making love at bedtime can actually improve the quality of your sleep!

Research suggests that the chemical released during those intimate moments are vital for a deeper sleep.

The stress hormone (cortisol) lowers and the love hormone which boosts arousal and excitement (oxytocin) is boosted – and when it wears off, it can leave us feeling very tired!

But the lack of sleep in the first place may limit any bedroom gymnastics! Being too tired in the first place throws your hormones out with sleep deprivation having a negative impact on energy levels and moods!

In that case why not just have a cuddle (if not quite as much fun)? Boffins have also found that your body releases the same chemicals! A ten minute night time cuddle, helps you bond with your partner, de-stress after a long day and makes you feel blissfully contented.