Sleep Tips for New Parents

If you have recently welcomed a little one in to the world – congratulations! You will soon realise that the arrival of a baby can be tough on sleep routines and sleep deprivation can get the better of you. Thankfully this stage doesn’t last forever and by the age of three months, many babies will sleep at least five hours at a time.  Boffins (not just the mother in law!) who are experts in with newborns have come up with some key tips.

Try to keep baby as alert and active as you can in the daytime and create a calm environment in the evenings (turn down TV, dim the lights and use quiet voices). This will help baby start to distinguish between night and day and promote longer periods of sleep during the night.

Sleep when baby sleeps. If your baby is having a sleep during the day, get your head down and have a much-needed nap yourself. The housework can wait!

Share the night time wake up calls with your partner if possible. That way one of you can get a little extra sleep, even if you have to go in the spare room.

Ask for help. The first few months can be tough and a shock to the system. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family. Let them watch the baby while you grab some sleep…they will be more than happy to spend time cuddling baby and you will feel much better for it.

Make sure your environment is suited for sleep. Keep your room cool, quiet, dark and clutter free. Get rid of electronic devices from the bedroom and make sure your bed is comfortable.Keep an eye on your hormones. Sleep deprivation can cause mood changes at a time when hormones are already in overdrive. If you have any concerns about ‘baby blues’ or an ongoing sleep problem, be sure to consult your healthcare provider.

Keep strong…better sleep is just around the corner!