Ten Step Bedtime Routine

10 Step Bedtime Routine

Sleep boffin Olivia Arezzolo has created 10 simply steps to getting a good night’s sleep:

  1. Create a sleep sanctuary: Remove any blue light from iPhones and devices and keep your bedroom for sleep and relaxation.
  2. Block blue light: Do not allow blue light into the bedroom and restrict this two hours from bedtime.
  3. Set a goodnight alarm for your phone: At this point switch it off so you wake fully refreshed.
  4. Diffuse lavender: Diffuse lavender either onto your pillows or throughout the room to promote relaxation.
  5. Have an evening shower or bath: This helps to promote relaxation 45-60 minutes before bed.
  6. Drink chamomile tea: Do this an hour before bed to make you calm.
  7. Take a magnesium supplement: This helps the muscles to relax.
  8. Practise gratitude: Think about what you are grateful for.
  9. Try meditation: This can be useful to help you sleep.
  10. Practise deep breathing: This makes it easier to sleep.

We hope you find this useful, don’t worry if you don’t tick off all 10 steps, you can work towards it over the next few weeks and see your sleep improve. Good luck!