The effect of alcohol and sleep!

Many of us believe that a light ale, a dram of whiskey or glass of wine in the evening – especially after a long and busy day - will helps us relax, unwind and deliver a restful night’s sleep.

But whilst the latest research from boffins indicates that ‘a drink’ does help us to get to sleep quicker and deeply for a while - the overall impact is a night time of low quality sleep!

Boffins found that we initially spend more time in deep sleep and less time in the more restful REM (rapid eye movement) stage. The more you drink the more pronounced. And then once the alcohol clears from the body we enter a lighter sleep that can lead to restlessness and vivid dreams!

Then there is the further disruption as along with the extra fluid taken on board, the alcohol acts as a diuretic which encourages the body to lose more fluid – and the need for a visit to the toilet in the middle of the night.

And to make matters worse especially for those sleeping with a partner, drinking makes you snore more loudly by relaxing tissue in the throat, mouth and nose resulting in heavy vibration!

So, if you are having a drink, try to give your body time to process the alcohol (it takes about an hour to process one unit) and have as many alcohol free days as possible.