The Perfect Pillow

The right pillow can make all the difference when trying to get a good night’s sleep. The two main things to consider are the position you sleep in and the material the pillow is made from. Let’s explain:

Back sleepers – medium firmness pillows (of a thin-medium height) are best for back sleepers, they provide proper head support and don’t let the head fall too far back or lift it too high.

Side sleepers - firm pillows (of a thicker height) are best for side sleepers as they provide the right amount of support to the neck and spine by filling the gap between the head and shoulders, allowing the neck to rest.

Front sleepers - soft pillows (thin/flat height) are ideal for stomach sleepers as they don’t cause any strain on the neck.

You should also consider the type of pillow construction:

Microfibre pillowsAlso known as synthetic or polyester pillows. Come in a range of heights and firmness levels so ideal for all types of sleeping positions. They tend to be hypoallergenic so good for those with allergies but they are not very breathable so retain moisture and heat. They also flatten quite quickly so need to be replaced regularly.

Feather & Down pillows – More expensive than microfibre but very comfortable. They are soft, mouldable, airy and long lasting. Not the best choice for side sleepers as they need more height and these pillows flatten over time. Generally, these pillows aren’t suitable for those with allergies.

Memory foam pillows – Great for both back and side sleepers as they help you stay comfortable by moulding to your individual shape and allow your shoulder, neck, and head to rest in a natural position. Memory foam is hypoallergenic and can provide great support to back or neck pain sufferers, however they can become hot and are not machine washable.

Gel Cool pillows – Recommended for those who get hot easily or have night sweats as these pillows will absorb the heat from your head. The gel keeps the pillow cool and firm and typically you’ll see memory foam pillows with a layer of gel around them.

Buckwheat pillows – If you are looking for a natural solution then buckwheat pillows are for you. Great for night sweats associated with chronic sweaters, or the menopause. The triangular shape of the buckwheat hulls allow air to pass through easily making it very breathable. They are also good for chronic pain as they keep their shape once you are in position.

Water pillows – This pillow is perfect for any type of sleep position as the firmness provides the support for head neck and spine alignment. Comfort is dependent upon the amount of water you add to the pillow and since the water pillow has some weight to it, it will stay put keeping head and neck from moving.