Himalayan Ionic Natural Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Ionic Natural Salt Lamp - 5 - 7lbs (2.2 - 3kgs)

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Made from Natural Himalayan salt crystals, hand mined from the Himalayan Mountains. When heated, the salt lamps work as an air purifier by emitting negative ions into the air, provides the ioniser effect and leads to light therapy that helps reduce stress and increases energy.

Perfect for any room where a calming, uplifting ambience is
important. Salt lamps promote calm and peaceful relaxation, helping people to feel less stressed & more creative. Negative ions are released when lamps are heated, fighting
against electromagnetic radiation. Ionized air can help promote better sleep, allowing total refreshment! Improves breathing and enhances energy.

Salt lamps purify and cleans the air. Reduces asthma and allergies. 84+ minerals

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